New Gourmet Burger Restaurant Opens!

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New Gourmet Burger Restaurant Opens!
Off the Waffle Adds New Dining Concept to Downtown Location

Off the Waffle, a ten-year-old locally owned eatery, is launching a new burger concept called Theseburgers.
Off The Waffle’s Downtown Eugene facility will now house two restaurants in one location!

Starting Monday, April 27, 2020, “Theseburgers” will be open from 11am until 11pm with pickup and delivery options at 830 Willamette St. in Eugene, order online through
What makes Theseburgers unique is organic beef, 100% organic produce and fresh sesame buns baked in house daily using high quality, organic ingredients.

The new restaurant’s goal is to make the “perfect burger,” baking a perfect bun and serving it extremely fresh! Omer Orian, owner of Off the Waffle, has been dreaming of this concept for years. His brother and co-founder of Off The Waffle Dave Orian came up with the name “Theseburgers”.

The recent economic challenge has been a catalyst to move this dream forward.

“Dave and I founded Off The Waffle in 2009. At the time, we hadn’t turned on the news in a while and didn’t realize that there was a recession going on. Despite some concerns of well-meaning community members, the decision to start a food business during a recession somehow seemed to make sense for us.

For a variety of reasons, this is a really great move for us right now. We get to do something that is really fun while maximizing our facility’s production capability. Our kitchen has two cooklines because of how busy we can get with waffles on the weekends. Our second cookline is now dedicated to Theseburgers. We have removed the tables and chairs from the restaurant and have plenty of extra space for Theseburgers operations.

The icing of the cake is that with extended hours, our staff has been able to come back to work full time” says owner, Omer Orian.

Brittany Quick Warner, President and CEO of the Eugee Area Chamber of Commerce: “I continue to be amazed by the resiliency of our local business community. We could not be more excited to see this new business launch during these crazy times. I can’t wait to have what’s sure to be a delicious burger from my favorite waffle maker!”

Le’bring Couriers will deliver Off The Waffle and Theseburgers 7 days/week from 8am-11pm.
There will be a virtual ribbon cutting at 2pm and the mayor’s office has indicated that the Mayor Lucy Vinis will attend virtually.

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