Milestone Achieved in Oregon’s Broadband Equity, Access, andDeployment (BEAD) Rollout

JUNE 13, 2024

The Oregon Broadband Office is pleased to announce the BEAD Initial Proposal Volume II
(IPv2) approval by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The 5-
Year Action Plan, Initial Proposals Volumes I and II, and the public comments that shaped
them are Oregon’s strategy to invest $689 million from BEAD funding to provide access to
affordable, high-speed, reliable broadband to all Oregonians.

“Oregon is committed to ensuring that all people across our state have access to affordable
and reliable high-speed broadband internet,” Governor Kotek said. “Today’s announcement
from NTIA is an exciting development in our steadfast efforts to bridge the digital divide and
ensure positive social, civic, economic, and educational outcomes for Oregonians.”

Now that Initial Proposal Volume II has been approved, Oregon will receive the necessary
funding allocation to administer the program and can start the subgrantee selection process.

At the end of 365 days, Oregon must have the BEAD Final Proposal approved by the NTIA to
receive the balance of the $689 million and award the funds to the subgrantees. The approved
subgrantees will carry out the work of building the infrastructure necessary to provide
broadband access to unserved (no internet access or under 25/3 Mbps) and underserved
(access under 100/20 Mbps) locations identified during the BEAD Challenge Process.
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