Meet VaporDave, professional graphic designer and illustrator specializing in the cannabis industry

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VaporDave is a long-time Southern Oregon icon and graphic designer, specializing in bringing your business to the top where it belongs, as he has for so many other Oregon businesses. Primarily working as a package and brand designer in the cannabis and craft beer industries, Dave received the nickname Vapor at a poker game in Ashland way back in 2005, 

Dave decided to go with the nickname that was way ahead of its time,  and set up his graphic design business at Since then he has been able to do things like hang out with Tommy Chong all over the world, have Snoop Dogg pose in front of his work at a Eugene dispensary, and go to the German Spy Museum in Berlin with the wife of the legendary High Times author and contributor Ed Rosenthal. 

Considering himself a guru in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite software—InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat Pro—Dave credits his ten years as the in-house graphic designer and layout person at HomePower magazine (another long-standing Southern Oregon business that sadly ceased operations in 2015) as the origin of his skills working not just with graphic design software but as part of a group of talented professionals.

When HomePower folded in 2015 VaporDave turned his attention to Oregon’s biggest cash industry, cannabis, becoming the Creative Director of the ICBC (the International Cannabis Business Conference, and its smaller spinoff the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference, or OMBC). This super fun and fast-paced job allowed Dave to connect with the top players in the cannabis space around the world. 

Having designed the logo way back in 1996 for the biggest bong company in the world, Jerome Baker Designs out of Eugene (where Dave was completing his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Oregon), Dave gained a considerable amount of street cred in the field of graphic design for the cannabis industry, and continues to this day to provide graphic design and illustration services to the cannabis industry, including packaging design, brand creation, print and web advertising, and even huge interior murals for cannabis dispensaries.

Dave’s favorite place in the world besides Southern Oregon is the city of Amsterdam, where his two favorite substances, coffee and cannabis, are sold and consumed on-site. VaporDave’s dream business would be to open his own Amsterdam-style coffeeshop in Southern Oregon.

Until then, however, Dave loves the challenge of using his creativity to make your brand as good as it can be, so head on over to and see for yourself what he can do for you.

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