Meet Julius Branner, owner of Now Woke Inventions

Interview by Jim Teece

Julius Branner moved to Medford when he was 16. That was 16 years ago and today he is working hard to bring an idea of his to market. 

I interviewed him via Zoom and asked him a few questions about his business, and how he ended up moving to Southern Oregon.

“I left the San Fransisco Bay Area because of Poverty. It’s very destructive and persuasive. A lot of people were selling drugs or getting killed. You didn’t have much to live for. I had a choice in my life. It was either stay there or I removed myself from that environment. I have had many moments were I fell on my face. I had my trials and tribulations, but it made me a stronger man.”

Today, he is working on a prototype and patent for a new device he calls “Woke”. It’s an keychain alarm to help you not lock your keys in the car. 

“I want to sell it in Walmart and Target but also auto parts stores. I’ll have Disney and NBA licensing and eventually sell the company to car companies because it can be incorporated into the car”

“I’m in the process of getting the company and product developed and I need help getting a good foundation for the business.”

“I call it ‘woke’ because at one point in time, I felt like I used to be asleep. I used to be roaming the world without knowing the sense of purpose.” 

Julius is working on “Generation 1” now and if you would like to know more, please contact him at 

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