Medford Cowork Collective opens 3rd location in Ashland

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Coworking: getting your work done… but with other people nearby.

Abigail Schilling, owner of Medford Cowork Collective in her new location, Ashland

It’s that simple. Coworking is just what it sounds like: “co” means “not by yourself”,” and “working” means “what you do to make money and (we hope) inspire your passions.”

The growth of digital tools makes us more connected than ever. But these same tools can also leave us feeling isolated. While companies increasingly encourage employees to work from the place they feel happiest, those “remote” (non-location-based) workers may miss the stability and hospitality of a consistent workspace.

Entrepreneurs have exciting ideas, but need mentorship, connections and room to grow. And as small businesses expand, they find themselves caught between the home office and the corner suite: too big, too small; too much support, or too little.

We meet visionaries, creatives, and location-independent professionals where they are.

Coworking offers the right fit to help remote workers feel connected, entrepreneurs make vital connections, and small businesses thrive.

There’s a movement happening around coworking spaces for good reason. They eliminate the time-sucking tasks and expenses that bog down business owners.

Medford Cowork Collective is a coworking space. They provide desks, private offices, super fast internet, conference rooms with flexible membership plans that fit your needs.

But they also provide something that goes beyond space. They’re building community, empowering remote workers, and stimulating the local economy in downtown Medford with a woman-owned business.

Membership gives you immediate access to the essentials you need to get down to business and provides you with direct access to a thriving community of skilled professionals. 

Bottom line —it’s okay to choose your own path. And with the right support and community, you’ll find inspiration, motivation and enrichment at each step of the journey.

They have three locations in the Rogue Valley: historic Downtown Medford, and East Medford, and now South Ashland.

With different setups, spaces, and memberships across locations, there’s something for everyone.

Medford Cowork Collective was started by Abigail Schilling. She opened the downtown Medford location in January 2020 and the pandemic shut it down in March. 

It’s hard enough to start a business, but then she immediately had to navigate the pandemic shutdown. 

But not only did the business survived, it grew. Once things opened back up again and everyone needed to work from home, her space filled up as people didn’t have space to work from home. She expanded the space into the second location and that filled pretty quickly so she started looking in Ashland. 

The Ashland space is warm and inviting and already has several co-workers taking advantage of the amazing views and onsite bike and car parking as well as all the other amenities. 

Abigail Schilling is the founder of Medford Cowork Collective and a Certified Coworking Space Operator from Jamie Russo’s Coworking Startup School. A former product manager and community manager at a coworking space in Downtown Los Angeles, Abigail’s career spans two decades of business, marketing and management experience. She currently works as a business development coach and digital marketing strategist for entrepreneurs and specializes in helping small business owners scale their products and services.

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