“Make Space for Justice”

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Lane County Courthouse


The County is considering the challenges the current Courthouse building poses. Inspections and reviews of the current building have made one thing clear: the old building can’t responsibly be salvaged for this use – it would cost more to work with the existing building and there’s simply not enough space to make it work. Instead, discussion is focused on building a new center for justice on the downtown block to the east of the Public Service Building.


The County expects to receive state match funding for up to half of the cost to construct the court-related parts of the building — a significant part of the overall cost. The remainder of the cost would be paid by Lane County through a variety of sources, including one-time funding, potential grants, and possible community support.


Although the building is used by more than 600 people every day, many Lane County residents have never been into the Courthouse, and from the outside, the challenges aren’t clear. Over the coming months, watch for opportunities to tour the building or participate in community conversations about the project. To be notified of these opportunities, or to receive updates, please sign up for email updates on our website: lanecounty.org/ courthouse.

Interested in learning more about the connection between building design and justice? The 130-page Lane County Court Facility Needs Assessment by the National Center for State Courts provides details about our Courthouse, what is standard and why, and recommendations for improvement. You can find the report online at: lanecounty.org/courthouse

Services Provided in the Courthouse • Circuit Court • District Attorney’s Office • Lane County Sheriff’s Office • Emergency Operations Center • Records and Archives • Rural police and Search and Rescue Dispatch

Courthouse Statistics: • Built in 1959 • Four stories • 15 courtrooms • 33,000 cases processed each year • One operable public elevator • One entrance • 274 full-time workers • 600 daily visitors (not including those visiting the Lane County Sheriff’s Office)


Current Lane County Courthouse 125 E. 8th Avenue


“This isn’t just any building – this is the public’s Courthouse – where people seek justice and resolution. Making sure it is safe, accessible and allows the justice system to proceed efficiently is essential to democracy in Lane County.” — District Attorney Patty Perlow“

Lane County’s Courthouse is in need of replacement, and the County is likely to ask voters to consider a bond measure for partial funding. Before it goes to voters for a decision, the County wants to be certain that all residents understand the situation and have the information they need in order to make an informed decision.

From: http://lanecounty.org/cms/one.aspx?pageId=5642347

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