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By Jim Teece
Southern Oregon Business Journal Publisher

I stumbled into a rabbit hole. Someone sent me a report about how Oregon places next to other states as far as supporting small business and it didn’t do very well. 

So I started thinking about how to minimize risk and still start a business in Oregon and franchising became something I started reading about which led me to several interviews with franchisees and franchisors. 

So it might be next week, or next month, but you can expect to see a series of stories about franchising as a way to minimize risk if you are so inclined to start a business. 

In the December issue, I also plan to introduce to you some of the non-profits my wife and I are involved with and share their stories with hopes that their story will inspire you to give to them or other non-profits at the end of the year. 

The January issue will be 100% online. I don’t even know if I’ll layout a “print” version of the journal. This means the ads will change. I have to find ways to give the advertiser and sponsor the visibility they deserve for supporting this side hustle of mine. 


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