Logos Public Charter School is Growing!

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At the regular session of the Medford School District School Board Meeting, Thursday, April 22nd, the Medford School Board approved a new 5-year contract with an increase to student enrollment at Logos Public Charter School. 

With 1060 students currently, Logos was already the largest non-virtual charter school in Oregon. The school has had a waitlist for many years but the demand for an established, trusted, home-based program during the coronavirus shutdowns has exponentially increased the number of students seeking their program. 

This year alone the waitlist has burgeoned to over 500 students. 

The Medford School District School Board approved an increase of 250 students which will be allocated over the next 4 school years as follows: 2021-2022 enrollment 1160, 2022-2023 enrollment of 1210, 2023-2024 enrollment of 1260, 2024-2025 enrollment of 1310. 

After the vote at the School Board Meeting, School Board Member Cynthia Wright stated, “My hats off to Logos. They have done really well. I’m excited that more people get an opportunity to attend Logos because they’ve come up with some really great results and are offering a great educational option for people that want that and I’m excited that more kids have that option.” 

Superintendent Dr. Bret Champion said, “In the Medford School District, we believe that ALL options should be open and hopeful for students. We continue to appreciate the commitment of Logos to ensure our families have options for a high quality education.” 

Executive Director of Logos Public Charter School, Sheryl Zimmerer, is pleased with the confidence that the vote holds, stating, “Medford School District has shown it is an educational leader in options for students in Jackson and even Josephine Counties by continuing to support Logos. Charter schools in Oregon are tasked by the legislature with being innovative, more flexible, taking responsible risks around education, and to be a model and catalyst for change in traditional schools. 

Logos has provided an innovative and extraordinary education for thousands of students across the Rogue Valley in the last decade. With our great program and high graduation rate, we have grown into the largest non-virtual charter school in Oregon. We are excited to be able to offer our program to even more students! We are thankful for the Medford School District for seeing the value in our program.” 

Parents interested in enrolling K-12 students should visit the website at https://logoscharter.com/enrollment. 

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