Logos Charter School New School Report!

Will we be in by August 1st?!

July 9, 2019

Sheryl Zimmerer, Executive Director of Logos Public Charter School, has been working on all facets of the new school building since she began her role in 2017: the land donation, bank financing, fundraising, moving out of the Earhart location into temporary offices, annexation into the city…not to mention the parts of the building itself. She’s approved every window, door, sign, water fountain (with awesome bottle filler), and landscape plant going in to our new school to make it perfect for the students and families she loves. She is at the new building constantly checking on things and working with the JB Steel superintendent and project manager. She spends much of every day on the phone, emailing, or in meetings, deciding room numbers, projector mounts, playground builds, fencing, cabinets, and countless other details. It’s been a monumental task!

This building would not be here without the Wes Howard Foundation, People’s Bank, the team at JB Steel, and all that Sheryl’s done to get us to occupation August 1! We hope Sheryl takes a break in September… Oops, skip that. It’ll be time for the next school year… but in a much nicer and better location!

Logos has launched the Logos Legacy Partner Campaign to raise funds for equipping the learning spaces! We’ve been so fortunate. Wes Howard Foundation granted us our property, and our fiscally sound choices over the last decade have allowed us to save money and partner with People’s Bank to make this dream a reality. It’s been no small feat, as Logos is eligible for about 55% of the revenue that a traditional public school receives.

Therefore, our immediate endeavor is to equip the learning spaces before the students arrive September 3rd!

Would you become a Logos Legacy Partner by sponsoring a Learning Space, helping our Legacy Tree grow, making a donation, or personalizing bricks on our Legacy Lane?

Please contact Julie Niles-Fry for more details at 541.842.3887, or jnilesfry@logoscharter.com.

Please contact Sheryl Zimmerer regarding an interview about the facility at 541.842.1924 or szimmerer@logoscharter.com.

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