Lithia Motors’ Evolving Customer-Centric Strategy Drives Marketing Leadership Changes

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Lithia & Driveway (LAD) announced today senior leadership expansion in its marketing team as part of its aggressive strategic omni-channel plan to achieve $50 billion in revenues and $50 in EPS over five years.

LAD’s 50-50 strategic plan is a uniquely compelling combination of traditional store networks aligned with a fast-growing Driveway e-commerce channel. A concentrated customer-centric approach is foundational to the plan’s overall success.

To help fuel and bolster the accelerated growth of these complementary channels and to meet the full vehicle ownership lifecycle needs of the consumer, LAD has brought Marguerite Celeste onboard as its new Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Ms. Celeste is an alum of NBC Universal, DreamWorks Animation, The Walt Disney Company, and Lithia Motors. 

From 2011 to 2013, she served as LAD’s Director of Creative Services. “With an established knowledge of LAD’s mission Growth powered by people and its core business values, Ms. Celeste embodies the insights and innovative acumen necessary to continue to reimagine and catapult LAD to the next level of delighting the consumer. Her strong background in brand management, voice of customer, operational excellence, and creativity will add a vibrant voice to the company’s vision to provide our consumers with personal transportation solutions wherever, whenever, and however they desire,” said Bryan DeBoer, LAD’s President and CEO.

Fully aligned with this strategy is the transition of Tom Dobry to Vice President of Marketing. In this new role, Mr. Dobry will focus on elevating and expanding LAD’s traditional business and 260 local brands, in complementary fashion with the Driveway e-commerce channel. “By doing so, Mr. Dobry will concentrate his more than 11 years and experience of supporting our stores, operations teams, and critical acquisition growth,” said DeBoer.  

By leveraging Ms. Celeste’s and Mr. Dobry’s respective brand marketing insights and experience, LAD gains a more robust approach to meeting all the current customer communication challenges associated with its ambitious 50-50 Plan.

About Lithia & Driveway(LAD) 

LAD is a growth company powered by people and innovation with a 5-Year Plan to profitably consolidate the largest retail sector in the country. As the leading provider of personal transportation solutions in the United States, LAD is among the fastest-growing companies in the Fortune500 and is currently ranked #231(#2on 10-Year EPS Growth, #3on 10-Year TSR and#12 on 10-year Revenue growth in 2021).By providing a wide array of products and services for the entire vehicle ownership lifecycle through various consumer channels, they build magnetic brand loyalty. Operational excellence is achieved by focusing the business on convenient and transparent consumer experiences supported by proprietary data science to improve market share, consumer loyalty and profitability. LAD’s omni-channel strategy will continue to pragmatically disrupt the industry by leveraging experienced teams, vast owned inventories, technology, and physical network. Continuing to lead the industry’s consolidation and Driveway’s e-commerce in-home experiences further accelerates the massive regenerating capital engine. Together, these endeavors create a unique and compelling high-growth strategy that provides transportation solutions wherever, whenever, and however consumers desire.   

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