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The Creation of Boards of Directors And Why Some Fail

By Greg Henderson, Founder and Co-Publisher

Recent news about the failures and other difficulties of cooperatives in agriculture and non profit board leadership has prompted extensive communication about assessment of organizational makeup. The causation of ineffectiveness which may lead to failure is a many pronged study. The causes could be any of many possibilities.

Using the resources of academic studies and interviews with organization leaders experiencing difficulties as well as histories of the now failed organizations, the Southern Oregon Business Journal will be addressing the issues of organizational development including the creation of administrative boards, advisory teams, and consulting services.

Our research and published articles will begin appearing in our March 2020 issue. The continuation of the articles will last until all our information is published. We expect to have this information in consecutive issues of the journal beginning in March and ending in May 2020 .

Greg Henderson, Founder and Co-Publisher
Southern Oregon Business Journal


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