Launching Managed Home Net

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By Jim Teece
Publisher - Southern Oregon Business Journal 

My wife, Dena, and I own Ashland Home Net. We live in Ashland. Our kids were born here and went through the world-class Ashland Public Schools system.

Ashland Home Net is a small company. We have under 10 employees. Over the years we have been fortunate to grow into the largest ISP in Ashland.

We resell Internet Service via the Ashland Fiber Network, Cable TV and Phone Service.

We provide technical support for thousands of customers. Sometimes we get calls because of an internet issue and once we concur, we dispatch a technician from the city to see if they can fix it. (The city of Ashland owns the Ashland Fiber Network)

But over the years we have noticed a trend. A super majority of our calls are not related to the internet service at all. The calls are about the devices in your home on your wireless network.

We all have smart phones, tablets, streaming TVs or set top boxes that are streaming every channel we carry on classic cable TV as well as Netflix etc.

And then COVID-19 hit and we were all told to work and educate from home.

The home network now became the most important and many times the most vulnerable network. At your office or school, the network enginners keep the wifi up and running and secure. But who does this at your home?

So in January of 2021 we launched our new service, Managed Home Net.

If you have a compatible wireless router we can remotely manage your wifi network for you and help you keep it secure, fast and reliable.

For a small fee per month we can manage your in-home wifi network and save for expensive truck-rolls.

We work with any ISP. Charter? Spectrum? AFN Direct? Jeffnet? Ashland Home Net? Rogue Broadband? Yes. All ISPs and not just in Ashland. We have clients all over Jackson County and Douglass County. We also have a few clients in Lane County and Deschutes County.

That’s why we branded this service differently from Ashland Home Net. It will work anywhere on any network.

One client in Redmond, with a rented Modem/Router combo was frustrated with the speeds they were getting and when we plugged in our Motorola Wifi Router, the speeds jumped up to 100% of what they were paying for and we showed them where the bottlenecks were.

The first month is free (a new wifi router is required). Check it out and let me know what you think by dropping me a note at

We are excited about this new service and look forward to serving the needs of our customers for many more years. We are proud of the fact that we are the largest ISP in Ashland, Oregon and we are thankful for everyone supporting our small “mom-and-pop” operation.

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