Jackson County Expo postpones sales.

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The Jackson County Fairgrounds and Exposition Park (Expo) team has remained focused and vigilant in response to COVID19 in our nation.  At this time we have been notified of and plan to fully comply with the Governor’s directive.  Out of the abundance of caution, we are currently working with events within the next four week period, who will need postpone, reschedule, or cancel.

As important partners on the success of the Expo and it’s events, we are very thankful for all of you. We fully understand that your marketing dollars that come to the Expo are an important part of your overall business plan. Many of you have partnered with us for the Central Point Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo and the Jackson County Fair. The Rodeo is still 77 days away. Some of you have committed money and a few have actually already paid for your sponsorships.  During this 30-day directive from the Governor we will continue to work behind the scenes to be ready to host an amazing rodeo!  COVID-19 is an everchanging situation and we will be providing you with updates as we glean more information for our local, state, and federal partners.

We have made the difficult decision to postpone the sale of rodeo tickets and making artists announcements for our FairFest Concert Series @ the 2020 Jackson County Fair. 

We will update you as we manage our way through this unprecedented time in our community.

And we promise to give our sponsors a first chance to purchase tickets before ticket sales open to the public.

In case you have been asleep for the last 2 weeks, here are some of the most helpful websites we have found about the topic and where we are as a state:

Rob Holmbeck

Jackson County Expo

Community Development


Direct 541-774-8273 | Cell 458-225-4202

Central Point Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo, May 28-30
BoomFest, July 4th
Jackson County Fair July 15-19
BrewFest, Sept 18-20
Holiday Market, Nov 13-15
Bacon and Barrels, Feb 5-6, 2021

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