Is Fiber Internet Worth Having in Your home?

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Internet providers around the nation are racing to build or upgrade their networks to fiber-optic technology, but many consumers are still asking if fiber is worth having in their homes.

From families to gamers, streamers to online workers, fiber provides the fastest, most reliable internet to keep every household connected.

Benefits of Fiber

Because fiber uses light to transmit data, it provides the highest download speeds, upload speeds, and bandwidth.  With fiber, Hunter Communications’ customers can feel the difference. 

Many providers are still using old copper technology causing reliability issues.  Hunter Fiber customer Elijah S. from Grants Pass said, “I was having a problem with my previous internet service provider, and I couldn’t depend on the connectivity or the speeds to always be there when I needed them.”  

Built for popular, heavy bandwidth activities like video chat, streaming, online gaming, and the use of smart home devices, fiber technology is able to meet the demands of the modern era.   

Fiber offers consumers a seamless internet connection that doesn’t require throttling speeds during peak usage hours.  “I was on with my daughter in Mexico, and we didn’t have any slow downs,” said Hunter Customer Cindy B. from Phoenix.  

Streaming More Than Ever

According to Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth, internet speeds increase by 50% each year.  Streaming has been a major contributor to the increasing demand for more speed and bandwidth.  In the past few years, streaming has become the most popular way to consume live TV, movies, and sports.  Almost 75% of households in the United States subscribe to a streaming service, and streaming represents 34.8% of television consumption (more than cable at 34.4% and broadcast at 21.6%).  

Hunter Fiber customer Rhiannon N. from Medford said, “We do family movie nights once a week now.  It brought us together more.”  With fiber, consumers can stream movies and tv shows without having to worry about buffering or if their connection will drop.  

Remote Work is Here to Stay

The COVID-19 Pandemic sent the workforce home in droves. Even though more and more employees are returning to the office, the employment landscape has been forever changed.  Researchers believe that 25% of white-collar jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and that number will continue to increase in 2023.

As an online teacher, Hunter Fiber customer Cindy commented, “The fact that I can teach a class and never lose a second with my students has changed the way I feel about the internet.”

Upload Speeds Taking Center Stage

Video chat and the increased demand for smart home technologies has fueled the need for more upstream bandwidth as well.  

Everyday activities are starting to require more upload speed.  Cindy said, “We use it in our gym when we are exercising.  I take online classes.  We do Zoom three to five times per week with people.”

By 2030, the average upload speed is predicted to be nearly 600 Mbps, and fiber is the only technology capable of meeting the demand for this growth in the years to come.  

Because fiber internet has the ability to provide symmetrical download and upload speeds, many consumers opt for fiber technology when choosing a provider.  Elijah uses Hunter’s symmetrical gigabit service, “Download and upload speeds are very important to me because I stream on Twitch and that uses quite a bit of data–especially if I want to push a higher quality stream which is something I strive for.”

Better Connections Start with Fiber

Ultimately, reliable internet is what keeps us connected to our friends, family, work, and school.  Without speed or stability, consumers would not be able to stay connected.  For Hunter customer AJ N. in Medford, fiber has made all the difference, “We definitely feel more connected as a family with Hunter.  We don’t have to worry about the internet connection going out anymore.”

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  1. Elle Jones on September 12, 2023 at 3:19 pm

    I appreciate how you pointed out that fiber offers the fastest download, upload, and bandwidth since it transmits data via light. I learned that my aunt needs an installation for an internet network. She remarked how much she misses her family back home and that she had more time to call them on social media. I’ll make sure to share this with her because she wants the greatest connection services possible. Thanks!

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