How an Ashland Dental Office Generates Maximum Solar Energy with the Smallest Footprint

And reduced project costs by 60% with local incentives, federal and state tax credits

Dr. Brandt Cullen, owner of Ashland Family Dentistry, has decided to go solar because of the long-term financial stability and energy security it would provide his business. When researching solutions and local solar installers, he found the elevated Strackers that were being manufactured right in Ashland. That was a plus but what he was most interested in were the numbers and how the different PV systems could meet his energy goal: becoming net zero. 

With the size of their roof and city lot, Dr. Cullen has found that none of the other solar solutions available could even get close to providing all the electricity the dental office needed with their 25 computers, lighting, and numerous dental equipment. Two Strackers, on the other hand, could easily achieve net zero for Ashland Family Dentistry. After the installation of the project in the fall of 2021, Dr. Cullen has found that even during the winter months their system had been producing exactly as forecasted, and during summer the production meter is running backwards with all the extra energy that is being generated.

On the financial side, Dr. Cullen could not be happier, either. He has already saved thousands of dollars in tax credits and depreciation – less than a year after the install, while the system’s 58,000 kWh/year energy production saves him $6,400 annually. According to the energy production and financial analyses that Stracker Solar presented him, the project will pay for itself in 6.3 years. 

All the positive feedback Dr. Cullen had received has made him a Stracker Solar advocate. Thanks to him, other businesses, for whom generating maximum solar energy with the smallest footprint is important, have become valued Stracker customers.  


With the two Strackers installed in front of our offices in September 2021, I achieved my net-zero energy goal and already saved a lot of money – I successfully depreciated the full cost of the Stracker project in year one while not paying for electricity usage on a monthly basis. My patients are impressed, too. Win-win. I’ve already recommended Strackers to several people with successful businesses. 

Dr. Brand Cullen – Owner, Ashland Family Dentistry

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