House passes $210 million Oregon CHIPS Act to fund semiconductor industry

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The Oregon Chips Act has recently been passed by the House of Representatives in Oregon, with the aim of providing financial support to the state’s semiconductor industry. The Act will allocate a sum of $210 million towards various initiatives, including research and development, workforce training, and infrastructure improvements.

The semiconductor industry is a crucial sector for the global economy, powering a wide range of electronic devices from smartphones to automobiles. The Oregon Chips Act recognizes the significance of this industry, particularly for Oregon, which is home to a large number of semiconductor companies, including Intel, which is the state’s largest private employer.

The Act aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Oregon’s semiconductor industry by providing support for research and development, which is critical for developing new products and technologies. The funds will also be used to upgrade infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and utilities, to make it easier for semiconductor companies to operate and expand in Oregon.

In addition, the Act will provide support for workforce training, which is essential for maintaining a skilled workforce that can meet the demands of the semiconductor industry. This training will focus on both technical and non-technical skills, including leadership, communication, and project management.

The passage of the Oregon Chips Act has been welcomed by industry leaders and policymakers, who see it as a significant step towards strengthening the state’s semiconductor industry. The Act is expected to create jobs, promote innovation, and stimulate economic growth in Oregon.

According to the Oregon Semiconductor Industry Association (OSIA), the semiconductor industry is a key driver of Oregon’s economy, contributing more than $7 billion in revenue and over 31,000 jobs. The OSIA has praised the Oregon Chips Act as a “critical investment” that will help to sustain and grow the industry in the state.

The Act has also received support from national organizations, including the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), which represents the US semiconductor industry. In a statement, the SIA said that the Act would “strengthen America’s semiconductor supply chain and support the development of advanced technologies critical to our economic and national security.”

The Oregon Chips Act is a significant investment in the future of Oregon’s semiconductor industry, and it has the potential to provide significant benefits to the state’s economy. With support for research and development, infrastructure, and workforce training, the Act is expected to drive innovation, create jobs, and promote economic growth in Oregon.


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