Help Morgan Recover His Life Savings!

Morgan George was a student of mine at SOU when I taught business classes. He started a Pizza restaurant after graduating and has become a foundation in the community. He works crazy hours, gives back constantly and during the pandemic helped a lot of competing businesses stay afloat. I gave him an award for his heroic efforts

He always pays it forward. One of the tenents of my teachings. 

Well Cyber Fraud found it’s way into Morgans life recently and his friends started a gofundme to help him get some money back. 

Here is what they had to say. “Though incredibly reluctant, Morgan has given me permission to share his story so that we can return the generosity he shares with us all daily.

Recently, Morgan was set to close on a property here in the Rogue Valley and his last move was to wire a down payment to the bank before signing the final documents. The wire documentation was intercepted and hacked by wire fraud scammers, thus causing a series of unfortunate and expensive events and Morgan lost the deposit in its entirety. He had exhausted all avenues for recovery and is now sitting in a major shortfall due to no parties involved being capable of financial assistance. In short, Morgan lost his life savings. Even with FBI involvement, they haven’t been able to recover the stolen funds.

Time for us to rally around one of our own and help as best we can. Please consider donating whatever you can. Anything ($1, $20, $100, $1000, etc) truly helps! We all know and love Morgan, and it’s impossible to find someone who hasn’t been positively affected by his constant generosity over the many years he’s been in business.

Thank you so much for your consideration!“

Here is what I shared about Morgan on FB back in 2016 when he was written about in Forbes. 

“I am proud of my dear friend and past student Morgan George for being “discovered” and recognized by a contributing writer in Forbes for his “pay it forward” attitude. 

What she didn’t realize is that we “love” Morgan because he loves us. 

He loves our schools, he loves our students, he loves our athletes and he loves our crazy community.

Running a restaurant is insanely hard. Running one in a small town with 75 of them is nearly impossible. He works 7 days a week. I’m talking about real, back breaking in a hot kitchen work. And yet he’s always smiling. 

And you can’t help but love him most when he comes out of the kitchen covered in white dough dust and pizza parts and sweat and he sees you, smiles and comes over to give you a hug.

I am now his student. 

I watch everything he does with pride. 

I have seen him see kids across the room, standing at a video game, pretending to play because they can’t afford to. (I used to be that kid) He walks up to them and chats with them and drops a quarter or two in so they can play for real and he goes back to work. Their moms are delighted.

I have seen him write checks to schools when I can see in his eyes that he hopes he can pay himself that month. 

I have seen him make everyone feel like family.

When I have family in town or important clients from all over the world or need to treat my hard working employees to a break, I take them to Northwest, for good food, good times and to meet a good human and friend that I love and adore.”

The outpouring of support has been overwhelming although the amount raised is only 1/3 of the amount lost, Morgan shares his gratitude openly online.”All of you have written such kind and loving messages, I’m really just overwhelmed by the love you’ve shown me.” 

The community has come out in complete support. 

Anjie Seewer Reynolds Posted “OMG. This guy is the first to contribute to anything. He’s been lifting up kids and people in need for years and years. I’m so sad that his entire house downpayment was stolen. Hope we can help him recover. 

We love you, Morgan George. You’re a local treasure.”

Alyssa Sagorsky Wrote “My time at working at Northwest during college is one of my fondest memories. Morgan was so much more than a boss, he treated all of us like family and helped us all where he could. He was the first to help families in need, support organizations in the community and never asked for anything in return. I’m so sad and angry this happened to such a good hearted person. Please consider a donation if you can ”

Jessie Sharpe wrote “There are few people who have continually made as much of a point of supporting their community as Morgan George . Every week he provided stacks of pizzas for community feeds. He went above and beyond in providing food to survivors of the Almeda fires. For years he provided a venue for kids and new bands trying to get their music out into the world. He made a point of providing jobs to people who other restaurants wouldn’t hire for BS discriminatory reasons. 

Now he needs support from the same community he’s always been there for. His life savings were stolen from him. If you have the means to support him, please consider doing so.“ 

Vanessa Martynse Houk Shared

“I have so many Morgan George stories. 

When my mom passed away from cancer, and we were here trying to make sure that people had a meal on New Years Day, Morgan and his team showed up in Pioneer Hall with a feast. His kindness in stepping in, so that I could step back just goes beyond words. 

Then during the pandemic, there he was again. Northwest pizza provided meals every single Friday for longer than I can even remember. The Almeda fire happened and guess who was right there, stepping up again? Morgan’s kindness is the stuff that legends are made of. 

He needs some of that to come back to him (in droves) right now. 

Someone stole his life savings, but that doesn’t get to be the end of the story. Please donate and share far and wide. Thank you. ”

By Jim Teece

Using information gathered from public Social Posts on Facebook and the GoFundMe setup by Dee Fretwell

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