Grow your Business Bend: Canva 101

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Grow your business ( ) with Kristy, is a series of classes for small businesses, sole proprietors, virtual assistant, non-profits, and independent contractors. The intention is to stimulate growth in your business by going back to the basics but with modern-day lingo. The past few years has taught me that I love to teach and help others be their best self. So let me ask you, what is your best self? Do you have an action plan to support it?

Your life and business should work synonymously and even slingshot one into success faster. The series will help build and utilize your existing community, business and network to build your success on. By getting you or your business to the next level. Either way, this series will help you decide the next steps and give you tools and the common tech lingo everyone is talking about. Bring your laptop, tablet, and phone.

The series consists of a one and a half hour workshop and class hybrid, allowing accountability and collaboration to help each other grow our businesses:

Social Media 101: (Redmond- 10/20, Bend- 11/4)
What is it? Why is it useful? Why choose one over the other? Can it be anonymous? Blah blah blah. There are tons of tricks and tips we will be talking about! If you are a professional in this industry, contact me I have a job for you.

Networking 101: (Redmond- 11/17, Bend- 10/21)
Whether in person or online this is the beginning and end of every business. Design your network to build your community of growth. Let’s talk about networking and building with intention.

Database 101: (Redmond- 11/3, Bend- 11/18)
Got a business card, LinkedIn connection, referral partner email, etc.? Most folks put their business cards in a box in a desk drawer or closet. That doesn’t help anyone!

Canva 101: (Redmond- 12/1, Bend- 12/16 )
Are your materials or graphics outdated? You can’t seem to get ahold of anyone to make a logo or flyer for you? Maybe this is even holding back your growth. This is a system that is extremely helpful and a tool you didn’t even know you needed.

Marketing & Advertising 101: (Redmond- 12/15, Bend- 12/2)
What is the difference? How can you utilize all of these resources and platforms? How to do it for sweat and social equity instead of financial?

Action Plan 101: (Redmond- 12/29, Bend- 12/30)
Post-it notes, yellow note pads, lists, Trello, Keep notes, agendas, One Note, or Asana. You probably have some sort of way to get all your ideas out. Now where to start? How to decide what comes first?

Resume 101: (Redmond- 1/12, Bend- 1/13)
Many of you need something to hand to someone to sell yourself or your services. You need a resume! Whether it be virtual or on paper. Make sure your character and skills are being communicated as best as it can be.

Business Plan 101: (Redmond- 1/26, Bend- 1/27)
Why do you need it? Who asks for it? You hear it daily that you need it, but what is it?

Then to wrap it all up we are doing an Office Supply Swap! (Redmond- 2/10, Bend- 2/11). I have items to share and I know you all do too. Clean out your office and bring your extra binders, ink cartridges from an old computer, paper, pens, and pencils. This is our opportunity to network and share with others something you don’t need. Plus, I will be open to my sphere.

$5 per class. $35 for all of eight meetings. Full support package, $100 available for one on one help alongside classes with in-person, phone and online support.


Dec 16 2019


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm



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