Energy Trust appoints new board members with experience in energy justice, industrial energy research

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The Energy Trust of Oregon Board of Directors has appointed two new volunteer members: Dr. Peter Therkelsen of Ashland and Silvia Tanner of Portland. Both have extensive experience in the energy sector, and both are committed to energy justice and exploring new ways to bring clean and affordable energy to communities underserved by Energy Trust. 

“These two new appointments expand our current board’s expertise and add fresh perspectives to Energy Trust’s work,” said Michael Colgrove, Energy Trust executive director. “Silvia’s energy justice background and understanding of regulatory, policy and legislative issues and Peter’s research and development experience will help us bring clean and affordable energy to customers and communities as we navigate an increasingly dynamic energy industry.”   

Energy Trust is led by a board of directors made up of non-stakeholder volunteers who set the organization’s strategic direction, policies and budget. More on these two new appointees is below:  

Peter Therkelsen 

Based in Ashland, Therkelsen is the deputy of the Building and Industrial Applications Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Therkelsen leads research and development for industrial energy management business practices and policies and will support Energy Trust in ensuring equitable energy efficiency to Oregonians. 

Silvia Tanner 

As a senior energy policy and legal analyst at Multnomah County’s Office of Sustainability, Tanner focuses on energy justice and spearheads efforts to meet renewable energy goals. In addition to experience in energy justice and a deep understanding of regulatory, policy and legislative issues, she brings a passion for trying to understand how race and income impact a person’s access to affordable and clean energy. 

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