Cracker Barrel Bids Farewell to Oregon

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In an unexpected turn of events, the beloved Southern-themed restaurant and old country store, Cracker Barrel, has announced the closure of all its Oregon locations, including the newly opened stores. This move comes as a shock to many, especially considering the recent expansion efforts in the state.

The Tennessee-based chain, known for its homestyle cooking and quaint store filled with Americana, had become a staple in the Oregon dining scene. However, the company cited the lasting impacts of the pandemic as the primary reason for the closures1.

The announcement was made shortly after the closure of three Cracker Barrel locations in Beaverton, Tualatin, and Bend. The company expressed its sadness over the decision, emphasizing the difficulty of overcoming the pandemic’s toll on their business1. Despite efforts to adapt and serve the community, the financial strain proved too much for the beloved chain.

The final blow came with the abrupt closure of the Medford location, which marked the end of Cracker Barrel’s presence in Oregon2. The Medford store, which had been in operation for only five years, was the last to close its doors, leaving loyal customers and employees with heavy hearts.

Staffing challenges are the main cause. When the Medford store opened it posted a need for 175 full and part time employees. At the time of the closure, 29 employees (15 FTEs) were let go.

Cracker Barrel’s departure from Oregon is a significant loss for the local dining landscape. The chain was not only a place to enjoy a meal but also a community hub where people could gather and make memories. The company has extended its gratitude to the employees who kept the hearth warm and to the guests who made Cracker Barrel a part of their lives.

As the remaining Cracker Barrel locations across the country continue to operate, the company hopes that Oregonians will find their way to other stores when traveling. For now, the warm glow of the Cracker Barrel fireplace will be missed in the Beaver State.

There are over 660 Cracker Barrel locations across 44 states still operating.

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