Cannabis Fertilizer & Soil Manufacturer Dakine 420 Lands National & International Distribution Partners

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Redmond, Oregon-based company expanding operations

In these times of lockdowns, and supply issues, it’s refreshing to see a company surging in growth. Dakine 420 announces new partnerships with Stellar Wholesale, Inc. in Canada, and BFG in the U.S. to get their products to thousands more growers.

Dakine 420's New Distribution Partners
Dakine 420’s New Distribution Partners

Since 2013, Dakine 420 has self-distributed its powdered fertilizers and grow media from its manufacturing facility in Central Oregon. Through years of relationship building and hard work, Dakine 420 has grown its network and chosen partners consistent with their world-class customer support and grow house knowledge, and is now poised for synergistic market share growth.

For over 15 years, Stellar Wholesale Inc. has distributed hydroponic, greenhouse and garden products to retailers and commercial growers, becoming preferred supplier for some of the industry’s best brands. Stellar Wholesale carefully evaluates and chooses their products to provide retail stores with innovative quality goods. With a policy of only selling to retail stores in the garden industry, the company has provided customers support and helped them grow their retail markets.

Founded in 1972, BFG Supply serves the Green Industry, including professional growers, lawn & garden centers, landscapers, and indoor growing stores. Known as an established industry leader, BFG provides high levels of customer service, a broad product range, and innovative technology solutions. The company has grown with the times, expanding its services to serve cannabis growing manufacturers. A true single-source supplier for Green Industry needs, BFG maintains thirteen distribution facilities and a professional field sales force.

“We are excited to combine the highest standards in scientific cannabis nutrient production with the distribution excellence of Stellar Wholesale and BFG Supply,” says Dakine 420 President & CEO, Kelly Martin. “This is a big leap forward in the evolution of the cannabis industry.”

Founded in 2013 by a pioneer in Cannabis cultivation, Dakine 420 brings cutting-edge, affordable grow supplies to the nationwide horticultural market. High Yield Science is the foundation of our company. We provide the tools and support our customers need to obtain the best quality and highest yields in the shortest times possible, as the only nutrient company in the nation offering live chat for growers with questions. Short grow cycles and high yields increase profit, and Dakine 420 helps achieve grower goals in sustainable fashion. Contact us at (541) 420-4645 or email Find us at

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