Business Oregon Supports Roseburg Forest Products’ Oregon Expansion

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Business Oregon awarded Roseburg Forest Products a grant of $3 million from the Emerging Opportunity Fund to expand the company’s manufacturing presence in Oregon. Roseburg Forest Products (Roseburg) is planning a series of significant investments in Oregon totaling $700 million over the next four years. The $3 million award from Business Oregon helps support Roseburg’s Oregon expansion through the purchase of machinery for its approximately $45 million Dillard Components plant at the company’s Dillard complex. This new plant will be dedicated to production of Armorite exterior trim, a new product offering from Roseburg.  

Roseburg is one of Oregon’s anchor employers. The company employs 3,500 people in North America, 2,350 of them in Oregon. Most Roseburg employees earn more per hour than the median Oregon worker and live in rural areas of the state, making the company a linchpin of Oregon’s rural economy. Roseburg’s new Dillard Components plant will be uniquely high-tech and heavily automated. The new production jobs in this plant will be among the highest-paying production positions in the company due to the need for employees skilled in computer technology, robotics, and other forms of cutting-edge automation. 

“Business Oregon is thrilled to support Roseburg Forest Products, and we are proud to be their partner on the company’s expansion in Oregon,” said Sophorn Cheang, Director of Business Oregon. “This expansion will cultivate rural economic stability by connecting rural Oregon communities to larger urban markets and will create new family-wage jobs in Dillard.” 

Supporting Roseburg’s investment and new product line expansion in Oregon with an Emerging Opportunity Fund award means an increase in value-added products manufactured in Medford and Dillard, most of which will be sold to California and other out-of-state markets. This project will have significant, long-term economic impact in the region including creation of additional high-tech jobs in rural Oregon, expanding production output for Oregon-made wood products, and the introduction of a new and innovative product line in a strategic and key Oregon industry sector. 

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