A Few Words from Jim – Black History Month

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Every February for the last 5 years we have been celebrating Black History Month at 1000Museums.com by showcasing Black artists and their amazing art. It’s pretty cool and I’m proud of our little company for doing that. This year I’m excited to do something just as cool. I interviewed several Black small business owners in Southern Oregon and I’m excited to share their inspiring stories here. 

I left each interview inspired and excited.

All of them came to Southern Oregon intentionally and never looked back. The natural beauty of our region and the “chill” lifestyle was listed as primary motivators for each of them. 

I hope you read each story and get as inspired as I did when I interviewed them. I hope their stories inspire more people of color to pick Southern Oregon as a safe and wonderful place to run their small business and raise a family. Special shout out to Vance Beach and BaseOregon.org. They helped me pull this issue together. 

Start by reading “Black Business Matters“ on page 5. 

Another cool part of this issue is that I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Rick Bailey, the new president for Southern Oregon University and dive deep into a couple of cool thoughts he has on how his unique background will enable him to lead the University into the future for our entire region. 

Something that is interesting is that several times while putting this issue together, people referred to me as a journalist. I do not think I am.  Journalists are special people. I’m just a small business owner and a publisher. I love meeting other small business owners and community leaders and sharing their inspiring stories. A journalist sounds too sophisticated for what I do. 

I’m just a scrappy story teller. 


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