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I’m not a fan of politics. I registered independent a few years ago after feeling that both parties were spewing fear and hate about each other. I became disenfranchised. 

I ran for Ashland School Board once. I lost by the widest margin recorded in history. Ok, that isn’t true, but it felt like it. It was humbling. 

I hesitated putting this cover out. I have very good friends that will “hate” the cover and will question why I put “him” on the cover. They won’t read my article and they won’t join me in saying thank you to Greg for his decades of service, and that bothers me. 

I wanted to wait until the election was over to get this issue out. Well it’s over, but we still don’t know who our president will be next year. I wanted to wait until it was over because I didn’t want any of the stories in the journal to come across as trying to get you to vote one way or the other. 

I’m not taking sides. I love people. Read my stories. They are mostly about people. Local Heroes. Risk Takers. Entrepreneurs. Community Leaders. Fighters. Doers. Helpers. Change Agents.  Good People.

This is what we need more in the world. People that care and are smart and are charismatic and strong and nice. 

I love nice people. 

My friend Pam Marsh is mentioned in this issue. She is smart, strong willed, passionate and you know what else? She is nice. 

She was running for reelection and thankfully she won.

It doesn’t matter to me what party you belong to. It matters to me that you run for office,  and if you win, you will lead with your heart, your values and the values of the community you serve and deep down, you are a nice person, and if you don’t you won’t get my vote again, regardless of your party affiliation. 

Jim Teece

Publisher of the Southern Oregon Business Journal

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