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October, 2020

If you go look at the cover you will notice two things. 

  1. Burned out neighborhoods. The fires that swept through Southern Oregon destroyed over 2,300 homes and hundreds of businesses in their paths.  Without much of a warning. Gone.
  2. The state was on fire. There were fires burning all over the state. Somewhere very large and somewhere very deadly. 

For several days after the fire that destroyed Talent and Pheonix, we lived in a smoke filled Oregon. It was the most unhealthy air on the planet for days. 

Three of my employees lost their homes. 

Countless friends and acquaintances lost theirs as well.

Hundreds of small businesses were burned to the ground.

It was horrific and for all that were evacuated, it was terrifying. My heart broke over and over again as I found out about a friends lost home, but the community coming together after the fire to re-home, feed, clothe people has been awe-inspiring. 

This issue is mostly about the fire. Actually it’s about after the fire. What we’re doing next. What we’re working on. 

There are no answers yet. It’s going to take years. 

I have more respect and appreciation for our first responders and our community responders. All are amazing. Now we wait for FEMA and the Red Cross to show up and help us rebuild. 


Jim Teece

Publisher of the Southern Oregon Business Journal

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