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September 2022

Rural Oregon Broadband

This month’s issue is almost all about Broadband. It’s the second annual Oregon Connections Conference Special Edition. This years conference is in Ashland on October 6-7. The theme for this year is Oregon Connections: Navigating the Funding Flood.  Find out more at OregonConnections.info.

The 2022 conference presenters and attendees will explore how Oregon can leverage the current historic and extraordinary funding programs available to meet the broadband needs of its local communities and to close the Digital Divide.

Topics include the array of available funding programs, state and local community engagement, competing technologies, digital equity, digital inclusion, keys to success, managing expectations, and public sector, private sector, and public-private partnership solutions.

This issue is filled with related articles from the keynote speakers, panelists, and special guests as well as stories from members of the NWTA (Northwest Telecommunications Association). Broadband impacts every business in Oregon and I’m excited to focus on it every year for you. 

There are also stories by members of the NWTA (Northwest Telecommunications Association) about how they are bringing fiber to the communities they serve. In fact the Oregon based members serve 100% of the counties in Oregon. If your business needs fiber, I encourage you to reach out to the NWTA member that serves your community and see what they can do for you.  Visit NWTA.biz for a list of members.

Last month I wrote about Arcimoto and just days after I published the story, the company made a series of major announcements. One of them was that Jesse Fittipaldi was promoted to Interim CEO after Mark Frohnmayer, the founder, was removed from the CEO position. I had no idea any of this was going on behind the scenes during my interview with them. I did end up buying a little stock before the announcement as I shared with you that I might and yes the stock dropped 38% after I did it. You should never base your stock purchases on my excitement about a company. That being said, I do have faith in Jesse and the board finding a way to come out of this. 

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