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May 2022

It’s what you do in Southern Oregon. Raise a Family, Grow a Business and Give Back where you can. 

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback about last months journal. I’m blown away at how the stories I have published and/or written have impacted you and helped you. 

This month I want you to meet another dear friend of mine. Jim Wright is retiring off The People’s Bank Board after 19 years and I interviewed him to get some background for the story. Yet again we have an amazing leader in the community that was born and raised here. His story is incredible. His contributions are felt deep and wide throughout all Southern Oregon. Truly an amazing human. Story starts on page 6.

It’s been fun for me to interview my friends and share with you their stories as well as why I appreciate them. If you are a small business owner and you need inspiration look no further. This is a great story.

Also in this issue I am sharing with you 3 different but inter-related goals of the state. I attended several meetings last month and all of them were driven by these state-wide plans that I didn’t even know existed. 

The key here is that the state has plans. We business owners need to know what they are and how they impact us or better yet, how they can impact us if we allow them to, if we embrace them, if we become part of the future that the state is working on.

If you only have time for one, read the executive summary of Oregon’s Innovation Plan starting on page 18 and ask yourself, how does your organization fit into the future plans of the state?

Thanks for reading. 

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