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We made it. 

The last month of 2020. 

What a year. 

COVID and statewide restrictions, PPP, PPE, Zoom, social distancing, Global Pandemic, Toilet Paper outages, Greg Retires, Riots, Wildfires and an election that redefined how we vote as a nation and that’s just the small stuff.  Regardless 2020 was not a bad year for us. 

Yes, some of our small businesses were severely impacted and some of our businesses actually did well. 

Our software company, Project A, was recognized by CIO magazine as one of the top 10 e-Commerce service providers in the world in 2020 and our online customers saw phenomenal growth throughout the year. 

And my wife Dena and I became grandparents for the first time in the middle of the craziest year on record. So even though it was chaotic and disruptive and maddening at times, it was also one of our best years. 

This issue is about Giving Back. There is an article inside on one of our favorite non-profits, the Hope Equestrian Center. A therapeutic horse riding facility that changes lives of children with autism and disabilities. I have seen it in action. They are in the middle of their first capital campaign and Dena and I want to challenge you to give toward that campaign. We will match every dollar you donate by the end of the year (up to $10,000 total). 

(See page 14-15 for the story on Hope) or visit hopeequestrian.com.

I’m also thinking about stopping the “magazine” format of the journal and only do the web version. It takes me a lot of time to layout the journal and there are more readers reading the website version than there are reading the “magazine” version. Let me know what you think. 

Thanks for making the journal a success during a crazy year. 

Looking forward…

Jim Teece

Publisher of the Southern Oregon Business Journal

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