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In another month I will no longer be an owner of the Southern Oregon Business Journal. That doesn’t mean articles or commentary won’t be included in future issues. Jim Teece has expressed an interest in keeping space available for comments from the Founder. That is me. Thanks to him there will be no sudden disappearing act.

Thanks is owed to many, many people for their contributions over the last five years. It is impossible to reach everyone as they deserve a personal thank you. Please forgive me for not mentioning you by name.

In a list of hundreds there is only one at the top. Dede. My rock of over fifty years who knows me better by far than anyone else on earth. She can set a spark under me to get me going as easily as she calms me when stress over meeting self-imposed deadlines threaten my mental or physical wellbeing. She jumped in when it was obvious to her that taking on design and layout was more than I could handle at the end of the month. She spent two consecutive, 17-hour days one month ensuring the publication got out on time – an obsession of mine regarding deadline promises. She also provides a pat on the back to me when something has been done well. (She also knows not to praise me for anything I know is mediocre – a pet peeve of mine is receiving undeserved praise.) It could be that I have a jerk-gene that is a grouch.

I can be the easiest person to get along with you’ve ever known. I can also be an absolute bear. She knows how to respond either way. Maybe its astrology and my Gemini connection?

Missing the activities and interactions with writers, authors, public leaders, professional organizations, advertisers, consultants, there is a lot to miss, and I will miss it all.

My membership and involvement in the Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Development Centers will continue. I look forward to attending luncheons in communities around the southern two-thirds of the state to maintain a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our communities. That doesn’t mean I won’t take time off with Dede to do some recreational traveling, we already have invitations from dear friends to stop in if we’re in their neighborhood.

If we can do our part in reopening businesses while also getting COVID19 under control, we certainly will. Dede made face masks and reminds me to use hand sanitizer…

Let’s stay in touch.


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  1. Zoee on September 13, 2020 at 7:20 pm

    Dede really is amazing! Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for all you’ve done!

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