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Let’s make a promise to ourselves, you and me.
From the next time we receive any kind of payment in cash, check, or by electronic deposit, put some of it away for a rainy day that we will not touch for any reason other than a crisis. Even a couple of thousand dollars in savings has an amazing effect on our dispositions and mindsets. If it takes a year or two to build a balance in your savings, that’s okay. Just get something going.
It may not have an impact on our economy to put small amounts away because we Americans have made an economy based on consumerism. That is, we earn, we spend, and everything keeps on turning as long as that cycle doesn’t stop. There is also the favored mention of the multiplier effect of our spending. One dollar in the system turns into two dollars or three or four dollars depending on where it is spent. A saved dollar is just a saved dollar, no multiplier. So, consumerism does work.
The sudden end of spending through quarantines and lockdowns brings our consumer economy to a screeching halt. Business suffers, layoffs happen, our enthusiasm and confidence take a serious hit. So, that’s where we are.
Next in line for us is to regain a positive attitude about our future. Short and long term.
Read for yourself as much as you can from many points of view and angles of scientific study. Be open minded enough to allow for otherwise missed learning opportunities. There could be some exciting, attitude changing discoveries.
Things will get better sooner or later; I hope sooner. Be positive, supportive and patient.


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