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The good thing about tomorrow is that we haven’t made a mess of it yet. Our high and mighty thinking of ourselves is too grand to realize how little we actually know, …about anything.  A decade from now what we lecture today will be obsolete. All we really know is what we didn’t in the last generation.

Arrogance, impatience and human foibles are the cause of our disasters. We know how to stop a pandemic before it hardly begins, but we don’t. It happens, anyway.

It’s likely true that man has always been that way. But always can go back a long way, so who knows?

Over hundreds and thousands of years our human learning has been incredible, only what we’ve chosen to forget is more incredible. Individual responsibility for learning and remembering (which is necessary for learning to truly occur) is handed quickly away to relieve ourselves of the responsibility knowledge might lay on us. Laying on of blame and finger pointing, “It’s not my fault” attitudes are our heirs fortunes to repair.

If you knew that the one person you spoke to on the street when you ignored the plea to stay home was the one to gift you with the virus you’ve now spread to ten others who’ve passed it on to others, like a game of “Pay It Forward” until now 200 people have died, would you have stayed home? It could happen.

Please be patient.


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