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The easing of winter weather brings with it a sigh of relief. Shrouded in conflicting headlines about economies at every level and the projections on the near and distant term at once favorable and in the next moment dire, consumers have been dubious about so-called expert opinions. Disquieting anxiety may plague conversations in coffee circles, but also could serve as distractions to inconveniences of high housing costs and unanswered expenses in education and health care, politics notwithstanding.

Overwhelming stresses may dull the senses for many of us unable to sort the priorities of what should be worrying us. It depends on the individual, but sometimes having too much stress becomes no stress at all. Rather than losing sleep and fingernails, we can shrug our shoulders and just wait until the problems solve themselves, not a commonly recommended management tact, but sometimes useful.

There are social media disagreements that are causing severing of long-time friendships and divisions between family members. If differences cannot affect the issue because opinions will change nothing, except to lose a friend or family relationship, then I urge everyone to find ways to keep those important people as close to you as in the best days of your lives.
If compromise or peace is possible, embrace it.


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